Post-Conviction Relief in Wisconsin

If you have been convicted of a crime, you may have options to reverse the court’s ruling against you, depending on how the case was tried and if your constitutional rights were violated during trial proceedings.

Criminal Appeals vs. Post-Conviction Relief

A criminal appeal may be filed only if the issues you plan to raise were properly raised during trial and were ruled on by the Circuit Court, or if you plan to appeal based on the sufficiency of the evidence. If, after our review, we find that an appeal isn’t possible, you still might have the option to file for post-conviction relief.

A motion for post-conviction relief argues that the conviction or sentence is in violation of the Constitution, the court lacked the authority to impose the sentence, or the imposed sentence exceeds the maximum penalty as set by law. If it denies your motion, you can, within 30 days of the Appeals Court’s decision, petition the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

If you are seeking post-conviction relief, it is critical that you have a team of attorneys on your side who understand how to achieve a successful outcome.

At Rose & Rose, our appeals attorneys are experienced litigators with a track record for success in handling post-conviction relief work. We will evaluate your conviction to determine what options are available to you. If you are eligible to file a motion for post-conviction relief, we will put together the legal strategies and defenses needed to protect your constitutional rights and achieve the best outcome possible.

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