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If a mistake was made during your civil trial that had an effect on the outcome, or if a mistake deprived you of your right to a fair trial, the experienced attorneys at Rose & Rose are ready to help you bring your case before Wisconsin’s appellate courts. Since 1940, our firm has handled more appellate cases than any other firm in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our experience and success set us apart. We handle every case with care and dedicate as much time as is needed to see that our clients’ goals are achieved.

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Timing Is Crucial — Act as Soon as Possible

Act as soon as possible. Wisconsin law places a short time limit on when a notice of appeal can be filed. The sooner we can review your court record, the sooner Rose & Rose can begin the process of correcting errors and getting you the justice you need.

Civil Appellate Lawyers Serving Southeastern Wisconsin

It takes an experienced appellate attorney to properly handle civil appeals. A careful review of the trial transcript must be conducted, and the ability to notice even minor errors of legal interpretation and procedure can be the difference between success and failure on appeal.

At Rose & Rose, we have successfully appealed a vast number of civil appeals. Common grounds for civil appeals include:

  • The amount of damages awarded was excessive.
  • A judge misapplied the law or legal precedent.
  • Summary judgment was improperly granted.
  • Prejudicial evidence or testimony was improperly allowed.
  • Favorable evidence was improperly excluded.
  • There were errors in jury instructions.

Other issues that are grounds for an appeal include the wrongful dismissal of the case for reasons such as failure to state a cause of action, as well as procedural errors in motions, hearings or the trial.

Basics of Appellate Law

The Wisconsin Rules of Appellate Procedure are extremely complex. They include strict rules for deadlines, documentation and procedures. If any deadline is not met, or if a rule or procedure is not followed, an appeal can be dismissed before any argument can be made. In addition, the standard of review in appeals cases is much higher than at trial. As a result, hiring an attorney with significant appellate law experience is vital to your chance of success.

In an appeal, new issues are not brought forward, but rather the trial transcript is carefully reviewed for errors. Depending on the outcome of your appeal, judgments on damages can be lessened even if the original ruling is upheld.

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