Can I Appeal My Conviction?

If you have been convicted of a crime in Wisconsin, the criminal justice system allows you the opportunity to appeal your guilty verdict. If you are seeking an appeal, however, it is important that you are represented by an attorney who is experienced in handling appeals and knows how to achieve the most successful outcome possible.

Experienced Appeals Lawyers, Prepared to Achieve a Successful Appeal of Your Conviction

At Rose & Rose, our lawyers handle more appeals each month than many attorneys will handle in their career. We are regarded throughout the area for our ability to fight for clients and achieve successful appeals and post-conviction relief.

If you are seeking an appeal, we are the firm you need on your side. To discuss your case and your options for reversing your conviction, please contact our Wisconsin law firm at 262-358-9243 or toll free at 800-481-2149.

Our attorneys will meet with you to evaluate your conviction and the evidence used against you. There are two main criteria on which a guilty verdict can be appealed:

  • The court made a mistake or error in the handling of the law, resulting in a guilty verdict.

  • The evidence used by the prosecution did not support a guilty verdict.

To prove either of these claims, it is critical that you have a lawyer who is experienced in criminal appeals and achieving a successful appeal. Our attorneys will thoroughly review all records from the trial, as well as the evidence used to convict you. We will evaluate defense and prosecution strategies, as well as how the court handled your case. If we believe that any mistakes were made in your trial, resulting in a guilty verdict, we will aggressively move to appeal the verdict and reverse your conviction.

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